Mac & Cheese Books for the Heart
by Jebediah Jenkins

Mac & Cheese Books for the Heart

Children's Books with a heartfelt message
of love affirmation & reassurance


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A Wonderful Message for Ages 1-6!

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Because Sometimes Kids Need A Little Affirmation

When Daddy Gives You a Ride on His Shoulders... Daddy Loves You!

About the Author

Jebediah Jenkins is just a crazy, fun, and amusing pen name Jason Brown chose to use for his children's book series, Mac & Cheese Books for the Heart! Jason is a musician who graduated from Lee University with a degree in music performance in 1997. He has a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters who have each contributed to the creation of this book. His inspiration for Mac and Cheese for the Heart came from his own experience as an imperfect dad and his desire to use children's literature to make a positive impact in the lives of children today. He plans to use Mr. Jenkins the owl to address topics like bullying, deployment, cancer, and other real-life challenges children face each and every day. Can you find Mr. Jenkins? 


Mac & Cheese Books for the Heart is a series of reassuring children's books for kids with imperfect parents and circumstances. Each of our books contains a message assuring a child that no matter what happens in their life... (illness, divorce, deployment, or just a bad day) they are still loved! We all make mistakes or go through disappointments and unfortunate circumstances in life that can often leave a child feeling unsure of things. Mr Jenkins the owl takes children on a journey through positive and negative circumstances and assures them that they are loved regardless of whatever happens in life. In addition, your child will enjoy looking for Mr. Jenkins the owl who is carefully hidden in each picture of the book. Can you find Mr. Jenkins?

A Healthy Mind & Soul

Mac and Cheese Books for the Heart is a series of children's books designed to assure your child that no matter what happens in their life, they are still loved. Each book is designed around something very specific a child may be facing, and reassure them that no matter what they are still loved. Thank you very much for your support and your suggestions for our next book! We take each every suggestion seriously and could not be more grateful to everyone for their love and support. Again, THANK YOU and please be sure to enter your email below or follow us on your favorite social media to receive alerts on when to expect our next book release! Shalom and GOD bless! Sincerely, Jebediah Jenkins

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"I came up with the idea of a series of children’s books reassuring children they are loved even when parents and circumstances are imperfect based off of my own experience as a father. I am currently writing a book for imperfect moms followed by a book for imperfect children. I am extremely grateful to everyone for their overwhelming support!" - Jebediah Jenkins

Mac & Cheese Books for the Heart

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